Tent of Nations - Visitors to the Tent of Nations near Bethlehem in the West Bank are greeted with a sign declaring, “We refuse to be enemies.” The Nassar family has lived on their land for generations, witnessing the rise and fall of nations and empires. In this area of conflict they are men of peace - committed to peaceful co-existence and tolerance, providing arts, drama, and education to the children of nearby villages and refugee camps. In addition, the Nassar family has established a Women's Educational Center offering classes in computer literacy, English, and leadership training. They are seeking to establish a Sustainable Agricultural Training Center which will increase the capacity of local farmers, making it possible for them to maintain the agricultural presence necessary to retain their lands.

To help farmers stay on their land, the Nassar family is offering items produced by the Tent of Nations: olive oil, spices, soaps, and almonds.

Ventures for Peace - Ventures for Peace is the joint project of an Israeli non-profit organization (NISPED) and a Palestinian non-profit organization (Shorouq Society for Women) to promote peace and development and empower women to build a just and equitable society.

Established in 2009, Ventures for Peace brings together Palestinian and Israeli women entrepreneurs and artists to work as equal partners and create a unique discourse on peace. This innovative project couples dialogue with creative business development. While creating joint products, the women learned about one another’s lives and perspectives, bridging the barriers that increasingly divide the two peoples.

Products include a variety of handmade artisan goods: olive oil soaps in ceramic dishes, jewelry in embroidered bags or olive wood boxes, embroidered journals and bags, and paper products.

Tabitha Ministries - In the northern West Bank, near the city of Jenin, lies a small Christian village called Zababdeh. Economic struggles cause many Christians to leave this village. Tabitha is working with the people of Zababdeh to develop a community center to offer training and business opportunities for the villagers. Tabitha Ministries will be helping to stem the tide of emigration of Christians caused by the lack of viable income sources by encouraging new businesses. Among the products they will offer are olive wood ink pens.

Just northeast of Bethlehem - lies a Bedouin village. The story of Fatema is an inspiring picture of what one woman can accomplish for her village and family. While the people of the village are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges—astronomical unemployment, numerous handicapped children and adults, civil strife and the wider regional conflict—Fatema works to bring hope to the marginalized of her village. She works with a German non-profit organization to provide wheelchairs and training for the handicapped and works with the women to do embroidery projects to bring them both income and dignity.

This village's products include coin purses, bags, scarves, pillow covers and glasses cases.

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